Halotestin – steroid anabolic and androgenic effect

Halotestin – steroid anabolic and androgenic effect. Available in tablet form. Most often, Halotestin is used to increase aggression, muscle density and power performance without increasing muscle mass. Halotestin is popular among athletes who hold a certain weight category, as well as representatives of types of endurance. Although adequate distribution means, mechanism of action has […]

Halotestin – oral steroid with a pronounced androgenic properties

Description of the preparation   Halotestin – oral steroid with a pronounced androgenic properties, with a relatively weak anabolic effect. Basis of preparation – fluoxymesterone – derivative of methyltestosterone. Actual use of the drug, in the case where an athlete needs a significant increase in muscle tone and stamina, to improve the results achieved. Also, […]

Halotestin effective to gain strength without increasing weight

Halotest (Halotestin) Halotestin – it has a very strong androgenic and minor quality anabolic properties of the steroid. The active ingredient of the drug – intended for oral administration fluoxymesterone, methyltestosterone derivative. Halotestin® start to use in cases where the athlete need not increase muscle mass, namely physical strength. In the West, lifters and weightlifters […]

Tablets Halotestin: reviews, facts and opinions

The main advantages Growth of power performance Stimulation of aggression Increasing muscle relief Increasing the hardness of muscle Increased muscle vascularity Stimulation of erythropoietin Increased synthesis of hemoglobin Fat-burning effect Weak aromatization Description Halotestin Tablets production of Genesis – is a steroid with strong anabolic and androgenic activity (Anabolic – 2000% of testosterone, androgen – […]

Halotestin: main features and side effects

Androgyny 850   Anabolic 1900   Standard  Methyltestosterone   Chemical Name  Fluor-9a-11b, 17b-dihydroxy-17a-methyl-4-androstene-3-one   Estrogenic activity  no   Activity Progestin  unknown (low)   Description Halotestin Fluoxymesterone – Oral anabolic steroid derived from testosterone. More specifically, a derivative of methyltestosterone, characterized by adding and 11b-hydroxy-9-fluorene and groups. The result is a powerful orally active non-aromatizing steroid […]