Halotestin – oral steroid with a pronounced androgenic properties

Description of the preparation   Halotestin – oral steroid with a pronounced androgenic properties, with a relatively weak anabolic effect. Basis of preparation – fluoxymesterone – derivative of methyltestosterone. Actual use of the drug, in the case where an athlete needs a significant increase in muscle tone and stamina, to improve the results achieved. Also, […]

Tablets Halotestin: reviews, facts and opinions

The main advantages Growth of power performance Stimulation of aggression Increasing muscle relief Increasing the hardness of muscle Increased muscle vascularity Stimulation of erythropoietin Increased synthesis of hemoglobin Fat-burning effect Weak aromatization Description Halotestin Tablets production of Genesis – is a steroid with strong anabolic and androgenic activity (Anabolic – 2000% of testosterone, androgen – […]

Halotestin: the combination with other drugs

Description Anabolic fluoxymesterone was first released to the market by the American company “Upjohn» (Upjohn) and sold under the trademark “Halotestin» (Halotestin). As in the case of trenbolone, major changes were made here in the B and C rings of the steroid skeleton: In a ring was introduced a fluorine atom, and in the position […]

Legal Steroids: Halotestin description for beginners

The drug «Halotabs (Halotestin)”   «Halotabs» – a steroid, which has a very high androgenic anabolic qualities and insignificant. Produced by G-Tech Pharmaceuticals, and is composed of active substance fluoxymesterone. It is also known under the trade names “Halotestin®” “Halotestin” “Halotest” “Fluoxymesterone”.   Application «Halotabs»   The substance of the drug is fluoxymesterone – a […]