Halotestin – oral steroid with a pronounced androgenic properties

Description of the preparation


Halotestin – oral steroid with a pronounced androgenic properties, with a relatively weak anabolic effect. Basis of preparation – fluoxymesterone – derivative of methyltestosterone. Actual use of the drug, in the case where an athlete needs a significant increase in muscle tone and stamina, to improve the results achieved. Also, it is actively used weightlifters, regretting support to gain weight, but at the same time, improve its power capabilities. Bodibiddery prefer to use the drug to prepare for competitions.


The active drug substance is practically not subject flavoring, which means that the characteristic of an anabolic steroid side effects should be expected. At the same time, Halotest able to give an athlete a more pronounced muscle definition, their hardness and shape. This can lead to visually more massive mind while maintaining the previous performance muscle wrap.


Course method allows to achieve the best results in training. The reason for this, improving endurance and enhancing the overall tone of the athlete. Not uncommon and increased aggression athlete during the course. For this reason, the drug is particularly fond of taking boxers and athletes siloviki.


Recommended dosage


  • As a rule, experienced bodybuilders, carried the drug in the amount of 20-30 mg. per day.
  • Besides, how powerlifters can afford, and 40 mg. of active ingredient per day or even more.
  • Daily rate, better divided into equal doses
  • ┬áThis helps reduce the burden on the liver and increase the effectiveness of the drug.


Fluoxymesterone, bodybuilding can be used even in the drying period the muscles when needed active training for the acquisition of definition and give relief and hardness of muscle fiber. To some extent, it permitted the use of the substance, when actively working to increase the weight. However, in this case, the rate combination is appropriate. For example, the combination of the drug with Dianobol.


For athletes who are tired of the prolonged use of dbol steroids (Dianabol), Halotestin can be a great alternative. In addition, it is well matched with the majority of the drug: Deca-Durabolin, Primobolan Depot, Equipoise, etc. Also, a good effect is the combination of 30 mg. Halotestin and 700-800 mg. Deca, when receiving on a daily basis.


Side effects


This drug may cause some side effects, particularly, non-compliance with recommendations regarding the dosage and the duration of reception. Thus, the increased flow of blood into DHT, can lead to hypertrophy and hyperplasia of the prostate, the development of benign prostatic hyperplasia, as well as the development of oncological diseases of the male reproductive system. That is why, fluoxymesterone should be taken with caution. Read More


The drug belongs to the group of toxic substances. This means that its effects on the liver can be expected to be extremely unfavorable. Thus, the exchange method can lead to pain in the right upper quadrant, and an increase in the size of the liver.

Admission Halotesta leads to increased levels of liver enzymes, indicating that unconditional powerful process of degradation of the liver cells by the action of fluoxymesterone.