Why Halotestin is a very effective steroid?

Halotestin – it is a very effective steroid that has potent androgenic properties and at the same time very minor anabolic.
This drug acts chemicals are fluoxymesterone, methyltestosterone is derived from and is intended for oral use. Halotestin is usually used only when the athlete needs more power than the increase in muscle mass. Many foreign weightlifters and powerlifters, in those situations when you need to maintain a certain weight class often use Halotestin exactly as they need it gains strength without increasing weight and weight gain.

In bodybuilding this wonderful product is used commonly in the preparation for the competition, as the substance is strongly androgenic while at the same time not very flavored.

  • With a small fat content Halotestin can provide athletes a more pronounced muscle firmness and form.
  • Although the muscle girth usually becomes considerably longer
  • generally it can lead to a massive visual appearance as significantly improved muscle density.

    The drug is also known that at a daily dose of 20 mg of it does not lead to delays water. During the diet Halotestin can help make the most stringent and intensive training, as consumers increased its aggressiveness. This is one of the reasons why this drug is very popular among the siloviki athletes, especially football players and boxers. Read more
    Most bodybuilders HalotestinĀ® usually takes no more than 20-30 mg / day, while often used lifters 40 mg per day, or a little more. The daily dosage is recommended to split into two equal receiving, such as morning and evening, with a certain amount of liquid. Since tablets alkulirovany for l7-alpha, they can give a certain strain on the liver.
    In bodybuilding as fluoxymesterone could find other uses – it is often used in the final stages of the “dry”, something to give the desired rigidity and muscle definition. To a certain extent it makes sense to use fluoxymesterone and training “to ground”. In “massonabornyh” cycles it can be combined with testosterone, responsible for the growth of the power indicators.

    Those who are tired of taking pills Dianobola, find a good replacement drug Halotestin. In addition, some famous bodybuilders use Halotestin with injectable drugs such as Primobolan Depot, Deca-Durabolin, Equipoise. Many athletes will be greatly surprised by the significant progress that can be achieved by a simple combination of 30 mg Halotestin daily and Deca with a dosage of 700-800 mg per week for the first month of using such an excellent combination.

    With high speed formation of DHT from testosterone may be associated hyperplasia and prostate hypertrophy, prostate adenoma development and may increase the likelihood of developing cancer. Relatively easy preparation Halotestin’s ability to move into dihydrotestosterone in the future may have undesirable consequences for the health of the athlete in terms of its continued use.

    Fluoxymesterone is regarded as quite a powerful drug, approximately 19 times superior to testosterone anabolic capacity and 8.5 times its androgenic properties. All information about the activity of this preparation was obtained through scientific experimentation.