Halotestin effective to gain strength without increasing weight

Halotest (Halotestin)

Halotestin – it has a very strong androgenic and minor quality anabolic properties of the steroid. The active ingredient of the drug – intended for oral administration fluoxymesterone, methyltestosterone derivative. Halotestin┬« start to use in cases where the athlete need not increase muscle mass, namely physical strength.

In the West, lifters and weightlifters in order to remain in a certain weight class, just use this drug because it significantly increases the strength, not weight.

Bodybuilders use Halotest in precompetitive preparation, because its active ingredient at his little flavored androgens.

If the body of the athlete body fat low, contoured and muscle hardness is much better. The amount of muscle in no case is greater than when using the drug, but it creates a powerful striking silhouette, because the muscle density increased significantly. Read more

Another unique feature is the means that the daily dose of 20 mg would not lead to fluid retention. If you take Halotestin during dieting, intense and hard training will be transported much more easily. It is associated with increased aggression, an athlete.

This last point explains the high popularity of the drug in boxers, footballers and security officials.

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Bodybuilders are usually satisfied with the daily dosage equal to 20-30 mg. A use more lifters preparation: 40 mg. Typically, the daily dosage level is divided into two steps. Take the drug in the morning and evening, drinking a small amount of liquid. Alkilirovanie tablets of 17-alpha causes the load on the liver.

Bodybuilders find fluoxymesterone several other uses: it is used in the final stage in the drying process, so that the muscles become more rigid. There is an opinion and experience of using the drug in an increase in weight. In the cycles of muscle gain drug successfully combined with testosterone, causing mainly increase in strength.


For those who are tired of Dianabol tablets or take them for some reason do not want to, Halotestin is an excellent substitute. Many bodybuilders take this means of injectables such as Primobolan Depot, Deca-Durabolin and Equipoise. For many, the progress made during the first months of a combination of Deca (100 mg daily) and Halotestin (30 mg daily), will be not just a nice bonus, but a real and memorable achievement.


Side effects

Because of the rapid formation of dihydrotestosterone from testosterone can occur hyperplasia and hypertrophy of the prostate. Perhaps the development of adenomas and even cancer. Very fast conversion of the drug to dihydrotestosterone allows the probability of side effects increase with prolonged use.

Fluoxymesterone – it means having 19 times more pronounced anabolic characteristics of testosterone, as well as 8.5 times brighter androgenic properties. All information on the effect of this agent was obtained empirically. See more

The tool is very toxic to the liver, and applying his athletes may notice an increase at this body and soreness. Through research it found that using the drug increased levels of liver enzymes, indicating the beginning of the process of degradation of the cells of this important body. Fluoxymesterone Effects on liver cells is confirmed in the literature.