Tablets Halotestin: reviews, facts and opinions

The main advantages

  • Growth of power performance
  • Stimulation of aggression
  • Increasing muscle relief
  • Increasing the hardness of muscle
  • Increased muscle vascularity
  • Stimulation of erythropoietin
  • Increased synthesis of hemoglobin
  • Fat-burning effect
  • Weak aromatization


Halotestin Tablets production of Genesis – is a steroid with strong anabolic and androgenic activity (Anabolic – 2000% of testosterone, androgen – 1000% from the testosterone). In addition it is notable for rapid force impacts on the human body and the complete absence of flavoring.

Halotestin is used in tablets manufactured by Genesis, mainly to improve the power performance, quality muscle and aggression without increasing total body weight. Due to the nature of its properties is used mainly strength athletes seeking to improve physical fitness and unwilling to switch to a heavier weight category. Also this medication is used regularly in preparation for a competition (in boxing, athletics, and so on). Details

Description: What is Halotestin Tablets

The active ingredient of the drug is fluoxymesterone (a derivative of testosterone with modifications at three positions: 17-alpha-methyl group, the 11-beta hydroxy group and 9-flyurogruppa). Structurally, this steroid is most similar to methyltestosterone, only power and its activity is about 20 and 5 times greater than that of methyltestosterone.

Note that initially fluoxymesterone, which are based on tablets Halotestin┬« been used as a therapeutic and drug. In particular, it is prescribed for delayed sexual development in men, and also used for the treatment of male hypogonadism, and breast cancer in women. However, later on taking this steroid medicine declined, as a result he “migrated” to the sport, where he began to use and is much in demand today.

If the transfer effects are manifested in the course of Halotestin tablets, the first thing is to say that there are not many, but almost all of them powerful and important thing for the sport:

  • Maximizing the power performance in the shortest time;
  • Quick and tangible increase in aggression and stamina;
  • Increased density, hardness and vascularity of muscles;
  • Stimulation of erythropoietin and hemoglobin synthesis;
  • A strong fat-burning effect.

At the same time, may occur on course and side effects Halotestin® tablets, namely superior effects of androgenic and progestagenic activity considerable its active ingredient. So, while taking fluoxymesterone currently can give to know body hair, acne, lowering natural testosterone, gynecomastia, prostate abnormalities and some other abnormalities. Plus, when it is applied too long there is a possibility of liver damage, which is fraught with hepatic insufficiency. Therefore, to use the steroid drugs, and based on it is recommended not more than six full weeks (usually 2-4-6 weeks).

Important: women usually do not use Halotestin tablets, and not only because of its strong androgenic action, because in addition to virilization while taking this drug can also be seen bleeding from the birth canal and increased libido. Read more

Finally, note that the storage of such a drug similar to him and to remain effective for a maximum period should be done in dry and protected from the sun’s light. At the same time the storage temperature should be within the room rate, and themselves tablet should be safely hidden from domestic fowl and children that would be neither one nor the other could not reach them.

Tablets Halotestin: instructions for use

This steroid allows significantly increase the power rates, the volume of endurance and quality muscle mass. For this purpose, it is usually used in sports practice. In particular, the use Halotestin tablets regularly to athletes, boxers and “siloviki”, preparing for a competition (when it is necessary in the shortest period of time to increase the physical strength and stamina).

Doses substances recommended for use in sport – is 5-40 mg per day, and its reception lasts on average from two to six full weeks (weeks courses 2-4-6). Such volumes and duration of use is enough for a powerful increase strength, improve muscle and burn fat.

Calculated Dosage Halotestin Tablets fairly easy, because the drug concentration of the active substance comfortable – 5mg / tab. Thus, to use maximally recommended doses of 40 mg you need exactly 8 tablet formulation for a minimally recommended dose is 5 mg – 1 tablet, etc.

What are steroids and how to take the tablets Halotestin in combinations? Options and the possible combinations are not so many, but among them there are very effective. In particular, excellent results can be achieved by combining this formulation with nandrolone or testosterone esters.

For example, for even greater strength gains can be used in tablets Halotestin rate + testosterone propionate, lasting approximately 4 weeks (not longer than 5 weeks). Origin steroid is used in the amount of about 20-30 mg per day (more than 40 mg per day), and the second – about 100 mg a day.

In turn, to increase and strength and muscle mass acceptance of this tool can be combined with injections of testosterone enanthate. For example, the 1-6 week – testosterone enanthate + Turinabol, 7-8 weeks – testosterone enanthate + “flyuoksi” Week 9-10 – “flyuoksi” + testosterone propionate. Dosages following: Turinabol – about 40 mg per day, testosterone propionate – about 100 mg a day, fluoxymesterone – in the region of 20-30 mg per day, testosterone enanthate – from 250 to 500 mg per week.

Note: For more information on the use of this drug can be found on our forum. Talk to counselors resource (sports doctor, master of sports, etc.) To get a really useful advice and recommendations.

Tablets Halotestin: reviews, facts and opinions

Find out what people think about this drug other athletes, it is not so simple. After fluoxymesterone, its active ingredient is still not very common and popular in sports practice.

However, there is a solution and this forum AthleticPharma, where reviews of Halotestin Tablets and many other pharmacological agents that are relevant in the sport, there are a considerable number. Why our Forum? Everything is very simple. We are in no way limited visitors and their desire to communicate, to share views on our website so no shortage of useful information.

Visiting the Forum and studying available there reviews about Halotestin tablets, you know that this steroid is endowed with powerful anabolic and androgenic effect. So, its anabolic activity equal to 2,000% of the testosterone and androgen – 1000%. At the same time the impact of steroid fluoxymesterone, located at the heart of the drug, felt almost immediately after ingestion, which means you will not have to wait long for results and improve fitness. Details

Which it will be the results and improvements? Primarily the maximum strength increase. In addition, as the reviews suggest, tablets Halotestin Genesis production can improve the appearance and quality of muscles, increase aggression, burn fat and stimulate the body’s production of erythropoietin and hemoglobin production. If you want more, then the use of fluoxymesterone can be combined with the use of nandrolone and testosterone esters, in addition to these effects also observed a significant increase in muscle mass.

However, it should be understood that the steroid drug can show not only positive but also certain side effects. For example, say experienced athletes, taking this steroid can cause strong androgenic “pobochek” (such as acne, hirsutism, prostate abnormalities, etc..), Plus, when chronic administration is likely damage to the liver, etc.

But despite this, the reviews describe tablets Halotestin as an effective means of sport, which can be useful in many cases – in preparation for the competition, during the course, aimed at a set of forces, and so on. And the majority of athletes are fully satisfied with his purchase.

Price, where to buy pills Halotestin

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