Legal Steroids: Halotestin description for beginners

The drug «Halotabs (Halotestin)”


«Halotabs» – a steroid, which has a very high androgenic anabolic qualities and insignificant. Produced by G-Tech Pharmaceuticals, and is composed of active substance fluoxymesterone. It is also known under the trade names “Halotestin®” “Halotestin” “Halotest” “Fluoxymesterone”.


Application «Halotabs»


The substance of the drug is fluoxymesterone – a derivative remedy methyltestosterone. «Halotabs» is used in cases where the athlete needs increase muscle strength is greater than the mass.


In the west, weightlifters and powerlifters often use this tool to save a certain weight category with an increase in power only.

In bodybuilding means it applies solely to the competition, as the substance is strongly androgenic, but it is very poorly flavored.


Provided that an athlete have a low fat content, it receives a greater firmness and form muscles. Despite the fact that the muscular girth becomes more visually athlete looks much bulkier because significantly increased muscle density. Details


The effect and the effect of the drug to an athlete


«Halotabs» using up to 20 mg per day does not cause water retention. During a diet tool is ideal for the athlete endured intense hard training, as increased aggressiveness athlete. Perhaps that is why the drug is popular among football players and boxers.


The drug was developed by modifying the testosterone that is allowed to increase its half-life and reduce degradation during passage through the liver. Also, a modification was aimed at preventing the aromatization process. That is, the drug eliminates the possibility of the development of gynecomastia, water retention and fat deposition on the female type.


The drug stimulates the synthesis of hemoglobin, thereby increasing the aerobic performance of athletes involved in athletics.

“Halotestin” can be used to enhance the process of burning excess fat. Clinically proven agent enhances fatty acid oxidation in the fast-twitch muscle fibers.


The drug is taken orally, the dosage of 20 mg per day are not recommended, however, many athletes increase the dosage in several times to achieve a greater effect. Some athletes use the drug only in the drying process for increasing muscle mass bump musculature.

The dosage rate and the possible combinations of drugs


Dosage «Halotabs» for each athlete selected separately, but many are not limited to the maximum permissible dose per day.


Since the drug increases aggressiveness, it is often used in the diet in order to withstand frequent and intense training. Read more

Bodybuilders usually limited dose of 20 to 30 mg per day – 20 mg is considered the standard and maximum daily dosage. Powerlifters may take about 40 mg per day and even more. The daily dose is divided according to the rules for two steps – in the morning and evening for 10 mg (if used daily 20 mg of active substance) and washed down with water. The tool gives a small load on the liver.


In bodybuilding drug fluoxymesterone has found application in the drying step of muscles – the muscles to give a certain rigidity. In some ways it makes sense to use the drug and build muscle. In such massonabornyh cycles, it can be combined with testosterone and get muscle growth and power indicators.


For those who are already tired of using in their practice “Dianobol” finds drug “Halotestin” interesting replacement. Many bodybuilders use Halotestin with liquid drugs, “Deca”, “Ekvopoyzom”, “Primobolan“. During the first month of the combination of 30 mg «Halotabs» and 700-800 mg of “Deca” can achieve very surprising results, as will be set fast quality dry weight.

Side effects of the drug Halotabs (Halotestin)


Despite the difference of “Halotabsa” many steroids, it may have adverse effects on the athlete. The rate of formation of dihydrotestosterone from testosterone affects the possibility of manifestation of a man’s prostate hyperplasia, the development of BPH and even increases the risk of cancer. Details


Light means the ability to move from testosterone to dihydrotestosterone in the future may have unpleasant effects on human health – provided that it is a long and continuous use.

Experimentally proved the activity of the drug: it is 19 times higher than the anabolic properties of testosterone and 8.5 times – androgenic male sex hormone.


«Halotabs» toxic to the liver. The means employed athletes often marked tenderness and enlargement of the liver. Under the influence of the active substance is carried out the process of the increasing degradation of liver cells – this is due to an increase in liver enzymes, which causes “Halotestin.” This fact is confirmed by scientific research.