Halotestin: the combination with other drugs


Anabolic fluoxymesterone was first released to the market by the American company “Upjohn» (Upjohn) and sold under the trademark “Halotestin» (Halotestin). As in the case of trenbolone, major changes were made here in the B and C rings of the steroid skeleton: In a ring was introduced a fluorine atom, and in the position 11 (ring C) is added methyl group. There is no evidence that fluoxymesterone flavored, and from the standpoint of theory, this is hardly possible – an insurmountable obstacle for aromatase is a beta-methyl group at position 11, and a fluorine atom. But the effects of 5 -? – Reductase steroid is exposed to the urine of athletes more than once found “reduced” metabolites.


Due to peculiarities of the structure of the molecule fluoxymesterone was virtually useless for gaining lean muscle, it is mediocre stabilizes the androgen receptor. The drug is used mainly weightlifters and powerlifters as strength – on a parity “price / quality” here he leaves behind all the same oxandrolone. Use this steroid and athletes, which are put on the agenda of the increased requirements for endurance athletes (athletics and etc.) Expressed thanks to the stimulation of the formation of red blood cells – erythropoiesis. Let me remind you that last property for bodybuilders and not so small – one of the mechanisms of muscle growth is based just on increasing the number of capillaries in the muscle. That is, the drug can be successfully applied at the stage of “Pumping”. Details

In bodybuilding fluoxymesterone I found both primenenie- it is used in the final stage of “drying” to give your muscles the necessary rigidity and gain definition. To a certain extent it makes sense to use fluoxymesterone and when working “in mass”. In “massonabornyh” cycles it can be combined with testosterone, responsible for the growth of the power indicators. I repeat once again: fluoxymesterone may serve as a cheaper alternative to oxandrolone (despite the fact that the mechanisms of action of these steroids completely differing), although more risky to health.

Side effects

Admission fluoxymesterone only adversely affects the liver, where it is the absolute leader. Despite nonsusceptibility flavoring, hard enough drug inhibits the production of endogenous testosterone.


A typical daily dosage fluoxymesterone not exceed 40 mg, or even 30, based on the half-life of the drug, its daily dosage may be divided into three equal parts. Because of increased toxicity to the liver steroid course of his admission should not exceed 6-8 weeks, usually advised to be limited to four weeks. Read more

Combination with other drugs

Fluoxymesterone traditionally combined with drugs used at the stage of “drying” – it can be connected to the last stage of the cycle boldenone, trenbolone and methenolone. A good “partner” for fluoxymesterone may be considered oxandrolone, despite the fact that the action they are similar. Since stanozolol difficult – although this drug and complement perfectly the combination of the above, but can dramatically enhance a negative effect on the liver fluoxymesterone.

The use of women

Due to the high probability of virilization, a drug for use in women is almost unusable.